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Human Resource Planning

Contemporary knowledge economy challenges demands a precise HR plan to meet the organization’s strategic objectives. HR Capital will govern all the HR activities within the organization. Establishment of Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that will help the organization to streamline the HR activities. Implementation and follow ups to ensure a successful roll out. Identification of the right number and type of human capital that are required to implement a chosen business plan. To prevent the business from falling into the trap of shifting workforce market, forecasting demand for labor, performing supply analysis, and balancing supply and demand consideration.

The job analysts at HR Capital will assist in the preparation of a succinct job description, conducting structured/unstructured interviews with incumbents depending upon organizational culture, determining the Job Requirements for every post in the organization, that will reflect the different duties, tasks, and responsibilities contained in jobs. It encompasses the collection of data required to put together a job description that will attract the right person to fill in the role. Our experts will identify the need for talent and recognize the type of talent need to fill it.

Moreover, producing the Job Description/specification containing job title, job identification section, duties/responsibilities section, education, experience, specialized training, technical skills, interpersonal skills and behavioral attributes necessary for job success.

Job Analysis

Human Resources Recruitment & Selection

HR Capital is the right strategic partner to deal with extensive recruitment and selection process. Starting from screening, knowledge match, skills and abilities of the applicants as per requirement of the job as per organization’s standards to shortlisting and interviewing the right candidate. Our experts make sure the legal considerations, speed of decision making, hierarchy of organization, cater the applicant pool, probation period and selection criteria. We do efficient selection of right employee for the right positon, not just finding a candidate with the abilities and knowledge to fill the vacancy but one with a good attitude and fit-in with coworkers and company culture.

HR Capital maintains complete record of employees, from the commencement of the contract to the release. This includes appointment letter, the contract, personal and professional information, experience letter, and termination/release letter keeping information confidential and ethical. HR Capital retrieves critical data including educational verification, Reference Verifications, CNIC Verification, Police Verification, Employment Verification etc.

HR Capital is professional, confidential and efficient payroll outsourcing agency providing services in all over the Pakistan. Our thorough managed payroll outsourcing service will ensure that the employees are always paid accurately and on time. We do perform a sequence of accounting transactions relating to the contractual obligation concerning payment to the employees. This merely does not include providing a salary to the employee but also covers matters such as deduction and submission of taxes, contributing towards employee’s old age benefits and social security as required by the law.

HR Capital also maintains a database for its employees. Using technology for data entry, payroll management and accounting functions. HRIS provides Dynamic Security & Permissions and Audit Trial. HRIS enhances management, reporting and analysis of employee’s information. It provides employees with their salary status, employment details, weekly reports, monthly reports and cost breakup. The information is periodically updated and is also available for the client company to access the employee’s performance.


Performance Management

After examining and re-framing HR Capital experts compile insights into a new strategic approach to establish a robust performance management action plan for your teams and employees, aiming at continuous performance development of your people.  Once assessment of current performance management process we set the objective/goals and provide a structured plan that covers critical phases of Performance Management include coaching, corrective actions and termination. We at HR Capital ensure to develop an effective performance management and appraisal process focusing on aligning workforce, capacity building, continuous improvement, and driving better business results. Using SMART goals strategy we keep track of deliverables through regular check-ins and evaluate the effectiveness of processes.

HR capital works with the organizations to develop the most appropriate benefit plans for their employees that include, but not limited to Pension (EOBI), Variable pay, Worker’s compensation, SSI Health benefits, Company WPPF, and Group Life Insurance (If Required).

Compensation and Benefits

Human Resource Training Program

HR Capital believes in continuous capacity building and efficient human resource capabilities by providing range of Human Resources trainings but not limited to fundamentals of Human Resources, Strategic Human Resources Planning, Performance Management and Appraisal, Recruitment, Selection and Hiring, Fundamentals of Compensation, Job Analysis, Developing Effective Training, Safety Training and hygiene training

Workforce is fuel for any organization and finding skilled and unskilled labor or manpower workforce is a challenging task for organizations. HR capital provides you with hassle free, economic and efficient workforce as per requirement of the company i.e. experience, skill set, contractual, permanent etc. We at HR Capital help organizations to Run the Show !!

Man Power Work Force